Vroom Slide System

Our product promises quality and longevity

Vroom Slide Systems Quality:

Heavy Duty Design
Made in the USA
CNC machined billet aluminium

Vroom Slide Systems is a direct replacement for:

Schwintek In-Wall Slide-Out system
3 Trax wall System
Slim Rack Slide-Out

What makes the Vroom Slide System superior?

  • The drive motor is solidly bolted to the upper pinion gear housing as is done in all industrial motor gearbox applications. They are not held together by a single sheet metal screw from the outside. No more lost alignment, broken wires and loose motors!
  • The patented pinion gear housing contains leading and trailing roller bearings facing upward that roll within a downward facing u-channel on the gear rack mounted to the side of the slideout. This design accomplishes three things: it maintains perfect gear alignment, counteracts the twisting force of the drive, and allows the pinion housings to move freely within the wall channel to follow movement of the slideout.
  • The pinion housing is held captive to the gear rack mounted to the side of the slideout. This allows the slide box to move up and down on its rollers under the floor and fore and aft from vehicle accelerating and stopping while still maintaining drive alignment.
  • Use of needle bearings in the pinion housings reduces friction and allows using a 300:1 motor for faster slide out travels. Also, no more aluminum shavings on the floor!
  • An important patented feature allows retracting a slide that has failed in the extended position to be retracted by hand using only a 3/4” wrench to disconnect the drive motor. The slide can then be pushed in by hand or wrenched in using a 7/16” wrench. No field repairman and break your neck ladder required.



Our customers are realizing the reliability of our patented system.

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